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DJ, music lover and record spinner based out of Oslo.
Phone: (+47) 913 55 097



“The last time Alexander deQwest for the Jæger mix, he had just stepped out of retirement and Ivaylo’s mix series had been his first gig since calling time on an extensive career that at height of it saw him play 200 gigs a year. After the significant hiatus he finally came back to the booth last year, and the Jæger mix left him emboldened, saying at the time: “it feels like something has awakened in me again.”

deQwest returns to the Jæger mix with a delectable mix of deep, throbbing House tracks that favour an upbeat tempo and a soulful disposition. Rhodes keys running the gamut across the manual while sparkling syncopated beats, splash and frolic in the upper frequencies instill an efficacious early Sunday evening party atmosphere. 

The Oslo DJ turns it up a few degrees on this mix and organic elements find a happy balance with the electronic nature underpinning the tracks in a mix that works on many levels. There’s some human dimension to each track, with vocals, a funky bass or a string section delivering something familiar to the ear while a beat continues to motivate the body. deQwest blends House formations with flavours from Exotica, Disco, Funk, Jazz and Soul in a completely diverse mix that channels directly towards the dance floor.”



“Melodic refrains and languid synth movements counterpoint effervescent House beats and atmospheric pads in Alexander deQwest’s edition of the Æmix. Including everything from sultry vocal hooks to spiralling guitars the musical tapestry deQwest weaves through his selections are dense, diverse and engaging, negating functionality for the beauty of the form. deQwest brings a wealth of his experience to the booth with tracks that flit between House and Disco with a deeper intention, and presents us with one of the most technically precise mixes we’ve ever encountered.

This Æmix is certainly a bit of a special one, with deQwest coming out of DJ hibernation, just to do this mix, the elder statesman of Norwegian House, showing that he certainly hasn’t lost his touch, and finding that very rare balance between the performance and the perfunctory that only a practical knowledge like his can bring. The mixes are flawless, and deQwest displays some innovative ways of bringing tracks together. He displays the efficiency and detail of surgeon, without perpetuating a bland functionalism through his selections.”



deQwest Music // Tel. (+47) 913 55 097