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DJ, music lover and record spinner based out of Oslo.
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Hello! I'm Alexander, a DJ, music lover and record spinner based in Oslo, Norway. I'm deeply in love with the contemporary sounds and the wandering heartbeat of 4/4’s most bold, valiant and versatile character. I started mixing records back in 1989, deeply rooted in Hip-Hop. To many I'm probably best known for my pioneer work within Deep House, but my DJ-sets can be quite versatile and colorful, they travel from Disco on one side to Tech sounds on the other. I also love and like to add many disparate influences including Exotic, Jazz, Indie and Vocal elements.

“Since I first started out I’ve always pushed forward and loved the contemporary energies.”


I started collecting vinyl at the age of 10. I had my first DJ-gig in the tender age of 13 and after being resident at the youth club for 2 years, a booking agency discovered me at the age of 15. I then made my first step over in the professional game. I for sure grew up fast. A couple of years later I was fully booked with gigs spreading all over.

During the 90's I was living my dream as a music professional, making people dance, travelling, living out of hotels. I was making a living of what I loved the most. After being constant on the road for year’s non-stop, I took a time-out in the late 90's. I then got into the media business and scaled down my performances to monthly nights for a couple of years.   

"In 1993 I got into house music and did my first parties. That was also the year of my first appearance abroad, in New York."

THE peak

From 2003 I got back into the loop with several weekly gigs. I held residencies in several legendary Oslo clubs such as Cosmo, Maison Vika, Rexx, Neon and GoldenRoom. I also started travelling again. I had my peak with about 200 gigs in 2009.

I also brought the first official Ministry of Sound, Om Records and Studio 54 parties to Norway. I've also been doing shows at Festivals, performing on -- and hosting several live radio shows, done gigs like Nordic Music Awards (MTV), Oslo Live Festival, Oslo Fashion Week and various events for leading music and lifestyle magazines and so on.

"It has been the greatest pleasure to be able to make people dance in all these various kind of gatherings."


It has truly been a journey; from local bars, events, clubs, to illegal warehouse parties in London, bohemian beaches in Casablanca – onto more saturated venues like Nikki Beach in Miami and a wide array of events.

I'm so grateful for all the moments; music lovers I've met, nights enjoyed, places seen, friends made, smiles enjoyed and good energies shared. I've learned a lot throughout this journey.

In 2014 I limited my DJ performances, to a few exclusive gigs a year. This due to a very busy schedule and a lot of traveling as Head of Digital (2013-2018). In 2018 I left this position to pursuit my dream and long time passion. I’m now about to build my own business as a Photographer. I might also find time again for a monthly gig at some point, if a good venue and match is found.

“I will still do selected nights. So if you have a good thing going — get in touch!”


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